Yes we are still in business! We are working on getting the web-site up-dated and getting our stock build back up. An appointment is required to visit the J & J Greenhouse. Email me at in advance to make an appointment. Thank you, Joyce

Shipping may be delayed do to very cold, snowy and icy weather.

J & J Cactus and Succulents                   

600 N. Pine Street

Midwest City, Oklahoma 73130                                                             



Dear Friends,
My name is Joyce Hochtritt owner and only employee of J & J Cactus and Succulents. I’m writing to let you know a little about our business.
We are a small retail nursery in the Oklahoma City area. I've also been a vendor at many of the Cactus and Succulent Society’s shows and sales throughout the USA for several decades. The plants that are on this list are what’s available for mail order at this time. We also offer many other plants at the nursery that are not included on the list. If you're looking for certain plants send me your list. I am working to get all the pages up-dated and adding more with photos, age and mobility has slowed me down some so keep checking back. Thank you, Joyce  

Visitors are also welcome to visit the nursery, but an appointment is required via email.    To make an appointment please email me at  

I'm finding when you send inquiries from your smart phones (your plant inquiries) sometimes they don't make it to my email on my home computer. I need them to show up there so I can print them out and reply back. Please use a home computer. I'll try to reply with in 24 hours weather permitting.

If you send me an inquiry email and you don't hear from me within 24 hours please send it again. I'm having a little problem with my email program.

Placing Orders:
Minimum plant order is $35.00. This does not include shipping and or extra insurance.
Shipping (US Priority Mail) and handling (cleaning and packing for shipping) will be added to the order. We have a minimum shipping fee of $15.00 per order. We will add the shipping to your total.

All the plants list for mail order can be purchased at the greenhouse.

*PLEASE: When sending an inquiry/order please send the plant name, plant number or pot size and price. This will help keep the confusions down in placing an order and speed things up with your order!

**Please try to have your full list in one email inquiry. This will help keep the confusions down in placing an order. This will help speed things up with your order!

I will need to be able to print out your inquiry.

Please send your shipping address with your order inquiry. I copy and paste what you send me to make your shipping label.

Please send the email address that you use for your PayPal when you send your order inquiries. I copy and paste what you send me to send you the invoice.

This will help speed things up with your inquiry/order!

Please understand: I try to estimate shipping costs the best that I can, but for some larger orders or larger plants there may be an extra shipping cost. I have no exact way to calculate that extra cost until the package is weighed at the U.S. Post Office. If it's determined that the package costs more than I estimated, that extra cost will be billed to the customer. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Sorry we do not refund shipping and handling fees.

The order form is for people that will be sending there order and payment by snail mail.

I can't hold your orders without payment. Will only hold the plants for three days after I send you the PayPal invoice. If not paid within three days the order will be cancelled.

At the Greenhouse we accept cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal.

NO PayPal checks

I do not take phone in plant orders.

We do not have a fax.

Please make sure your email set-up does not block my return emails. This mostly happens with .org addresses or email posted from your work place computers.

No Text ordering. No Facebook PM ordering.

You may send your order by US post with check or money order. Use the order form.

Be sure to include your shipping address. Is the address on your PayPal the same as your shipping address?

I always try to send the largest, best looking plants that we have in stock for the price stated.

Sorry, I am not able to keep up with dozens of want lists. It's always first come, first serve.


We only ship to United States addresses (main 48 states).

We do not have export permits to ship overseas.
I only ship US Post Office Priority Mail that usually takes 2-4 days with tracking number.

I can not be responsible for plants damaged by the US postal service.

Most orders are shipped on Mondays and Tuesday weather permitting.
Most plants are shipped bare root.

I can ship plants in there pots upon request if possible. This will raise shipping fees.

Buyer assumes all risk for plants shipped during cold or very hot weather periods.

We do ship year round and we offer 72+ hour heat packs at $4.00 per pack during cold weather periods.

You must request the heat packs when ordering.

Always let me know ASAP if there's a problem with the order.
Happy shopping, Joyce :-)

I will have more new pages up soon. So please keep checking back! Thank You, Joyce



Astrophytum: 12-05-23


Echinocereus: 01-06-24

Gasteria & Friends:

Gymnocalycium: 11-22-23

Haworthia: 01-31-24


Larger Succulents:

Lobivia & Family: 01-06-24

Mammillaria & Family: 10-29-23


Parodia-Notocactus: 01-06-24

Rebutia-Sulcorebutia: 11-09-23

Vitaceae & Family:  

Gift Certificate:

Order Form : Print to send payment by snail mail only.

Event Calendar :

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