I am not a professional nor an expert in the Asclepiadaceae taxonomy. Any help with ID and spelling are always welcome. To up-date my list I've been using many books, journals, catalogs and other web-sites. It's been helpful, but I have more work to do. I only ship to the main 48 States. We offer 72+ hour heat packs for $4.00 each. Please read the front page for ordering information.

Note:  All our plants are grown and propagated right here in the J & J Greenhouse, Midwest City, OK.

     Desmidorchis foetida m #1 - It is a succulent subshrub and grows primarily in the seasonally dry tropical biome. Large balls of star sharped flowers. Kenya to North Uganda. Growing in a 3 1/2" pot. 0 @ $35.00. SOLD

   Hoya australis ssp. rupicola - This has been a very slow grower. Light green color with thick waxy succulent leaves. Up-right to scrambling stems growing on snadstone outcropsand cliffs. Hoya are shade loving plants and need good drainage. Flowers are white with pink centers. Native to Western Astralia. - Growing 4 1/2 inch pots. 5 in stock @ $35.00 each.

    Hoya macgillivrayi - Nice large leaves. Somewhat a plain Jane plant, but it has large flower balls with red flower. Hoya macgillivrayi is a fast-growing vine native to northeastern Australia that was first discovered in Queensland in the McIlwraith and Tozer Range by Frederick Manson Bailey. The plant was named after William David Kerr Macgillivray, who collected the type specimen. Hoya are shade loving plants and need good drainage. Growing in 4 1/2" pots. 12 in stock $20.00 each.

   Hoya obovata 'Pink Splash' - Thick almost round leaves with splashs of pink coloring, vining stems and flower balls with 25 plus white with bright pink centered flowers lots of necter and a sweet fragrance. Hoya are shade loving plants and need good drainage. India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Fiji. Growing in 4 1/2 inch pots. 6 in stock @ $20.00 each.

   Huernia kennedyana - The “Humpty Dumpty Huernnia” is a perennial succulents species with remarkable small highly papillose, yellow flowers. South African. Growing in 2.75"pots. 0 in stock @ $15.00 each. SOLD OUT

     Stapelia flavopurpurea - Is a tufted cactus-like plant to 10 cm, with wonderful small-sized flowers that have a diameter of only 3cm. They are flat, shaped like a star-fish, and quinquefid interrupted by irregularly arranged cross wrinkles. Their color are eye-catching: yellow, green, orange, or purple, white, with maroon overtones. The center of the flower is white and covered with red claviform hairs. The combination of colors is quite bizarre and lovely, very variable, even on the same plant. S. flavopurpurea is one of the few species whose flowers are not distinguished by a penetrating smell of carrion but, on the contrary, have a light sweet smell like liquorice or honey, unusual in the Stapelia group. Flowers with these scents may well be pollinated by bee, because the enticement of insects depends not only on color but also in a high degree on smell. The smells involved are not in every case the pleasant kinds produced by violets and roses. Stapelia flavopurpurea is closely related to Stapelia olivacea. South Africa. These plants bloomed in October. Growing in 2.75" pots. 4 in stock @ $13.00 each.

   Orber variegata crest m - Soft stemmed succulent erect or prostrate, branched above ground. In age forms big clumps. Starfish-like, attractively patterned or dusted with chocolate/purple, brown/bronze blotches on a greenish-yellow background. Flowers coming in late summer or fall. South Africa, Eastern Cape. Growing in 3 1/2" pots. 0 in stock @ $15.00 each. SOLD OUT