Aloe and Friends

I am not a professional nor an expert in Aloe taxonomy. Any help with ID and spelling are always welcome. To up-date my list I've been using many books, journals, catalogs and other web-sites. It's been helpful, but I have more work to do. I only ship to the main 48 States. I can ship in the winter. I do offer 72+ hour heat packs for $3.00 each. Please read the front page for ordering information.

    Aloe bowiea - Tiny powder blue grass like Aloe rarely see. South Africa. Growing in 3 inch pot. - #1ab, #2ab, #3ab, #4ab @ $20.00 each #1ab, #3ab Sold

     Aloe breviflolia dwarf - My little red pot are a little under 3 inch's. Photo of the mother plant growing in a 3 1/2 inch pot. South Africa. - #1abd, #2abd, #3abd, #4abd @ $18.00 each 

    Aloe 'Green Sand' - A KG hybrid. Small grower. Growing in a 3 1/2 inch pot. #1ags @ $15.00

   Aloe humilis 'Blue' - It's a low growing heavily suckering succulent that forms crowded clusters. This clustering aloe is a wonderful little power blue species that has very large blooms compared to the size of the plant. It is a very variable species that remains small through the entire life cycle. Virtually acaulescent (stemless) or very shortly stemmed. Up to 20 cm in diameter. Leaves 20-30 per rosette, short, ascending, small about 7-12 cm long and 1-1,8 cm wide, pale blue-green or grey-green, soft, ovate to triangular shaped, obscurely lineate, very accuminate, incurved, with thin soft white marginal spines about 3 mm long and a gray-green dewy, waxy surface covered with irregularly spaced bumps (tubercules) often arranged in tranverse rows on both the upper and lower surfaces. About 20 pendulous, bright orange-scarlet, tubular up to 4-5 cm long, arranged loosely on top of a 20-35 cm tall spike. Late winter to spring and sometime later. Habitat: South Africa - Western Cape, Eastern Cape. Growing in 6 inch pot. - 1h @ $18.00

    Aloe juvenna - One of my long time favorite Aloes. To keep the nicely stacked leaves and color this aloe need to be grown in very good light. Cool to grow in a hanging basket. Grows on rocky mountainous areas of Kenya. Growing in 3 inch pots. - 1j, 2j, 3j, 4j @ $10.00 each

  Aloe lineata 'Strap form' - Really Cool plant. Up- right stems with blue-green leaves. Western Cape of South Africa. Growing in 3 inch pots. - #1ls, #2ls, #3ls, #4ls @ $13.00 each #1ls, #2ls Sold

  Aloe mcloughlinii variegate - Great coloring! When grown in good light will have golden variegation which makes is glow. Growing n 6 inch pots. 1mv, 2mv @ $25.00 each

   Aloe 'Medium Well Done' X Gasteria batesiana - Don't remember where I got this one, but I like so I keep it around. Small grower some texture nice olive green color. Growing in 3 1/2 inch pots. - left to right - 1x, 2x @ $13.00 each #1x Sold

   Aloe sladeniana - Also found with it's newer Gonialoe sladeniana. Three edged textured leaves with great green and white markings. Namibia. Growing in 6 inch pot. - 1s @ $18.00

    Aloe sladeniana - Also found with it's newer Gonialoe sladeniana. Three edged textured leaves with great green and white markings. Namibia. Growing in 3 1/2 inch pots. - #1as, #2as, #3as @ $13.00 each

   Aloe 'Sparkling Burgundy' - Small Aloe will have a great burgundy color when grown in good light. Not sure who created this hybrid? Growing in 4 1/2 inch pots. Nursery cultivar. - left to right - #1, #2 @ $13.00 each

    Aloe tenuior - Is a small to medium-sized, sprawling, bushy shrublet, with a large woody rootstock. It has slender, branching, semi-woody stems, up to 3 m long, that grow upright, but as they grow longer, they tend to need support from surrounding shrubs to remain erect. In time, the plant develops into a mass of intertwined stems, up to about 1.5 m tall with a spread of up to 1.8 m. The leaves are thin to slightly fleshy, blue-green (glaucous), unspotted, and are crowded in lax rosettes at the ends of branches. The leaf margins have small teeth. South Africa. Growing in a 6 inch pot. - 1 @ $30.00 Sold

   Aloe vera striata variegation - I love this plant! The ease of growing and is easiness of Aloe vera with the bonus of being beautifully variegated. Each leaf striped in white and no two the same! Nursery cultivar. Growing in a 6 inch pot. 1avlg @ $25.00